Confessions of a 3-Day Novelist: How to Write an Entire Book in Just 72 Hours – Laura Roberts


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Narrated by Kristi Burns, Length: 46 Minutes – Unabridged – 2015

In 2011, Laura Roberts takes part of an annual 3-day novel competition and, by some miracle or bargain with a demon, she pulls it off. Granted, she admits it is far from something she would be pleased to share with a publisher, still riddled with notes and mistakes, but it is a full narrative and everything else is merely editing. In Confessions of a 3 Day Novelist, she walks you through writing your own novel in just 72 hours and how she overcame the difficulties that came her way.


For her 72 hours, she writes a wacky novel about pirates, ninjas and a senator who she’s not very fond of.

In Confessions of a 3 Day Novelist, she walks you through writing your own novel in just seventy-two hours and how she overcame the difficulties that came her way.

If you’re after a book that discusses the finer points of novel writing, this is not for you. However, if you want to power through a first draft and put an idea on paper, this might be the audiobook.She walks through clearly laying out your characters and their motivations, how they each conflict and interact with each other. Rather basic but thorough, Laura Roberts tells you want to need to know and just that; a running theme for the rest of this audiobook. From plotting and planning to simply hit the keyboard, again and again, she gives you enough help and motivation to get to the finish line.

Roberts also discusses appropriate snacks and supplies (more food) needed for writing; funny and practical advice. It is an area most writing guides don’t cover. That’s one of my favourite points of this audiobook is, she is realistic. She knows you’re going to need nutritious food that benefits you and keeps you on task.

Task, that’s something that Roberts covers. When writing a novel, it’s easy to see it as one large task that looks impossible to overcome, let alone in three days. Like many novice writers, who see novel writing as this great marathon, sprinting through it seems impossible but from how she describes it, it sounds very doable. This is because how she helps you prepare and execute small tasks that get you through these grueling seventy-two hours. She never said it was going to easy.

As someone who struggles to write regularly for a blog, sorry but it’s true, I found Kristi Burns’ upbeat and positivity delightful and, when trying to complete a novel in just 3 days, necessary. If you are trying to hash out the first draft in just three days, this is the voice you want to hear. Positive but not annoying, motivating but not badgering, Burns projects the right kind of energy and support you need to help you write.

I found this book useful for novice writers who haven’t quite gotten over the hill of that first novel and have a number of unfinished manuscripts. Laura Roberts, projecting her positive personality and charming humour through Kristi Burns, helps you over that hill. While she does not talk about the finer point of novels and storytelling, she talks you through getting the first draft done in just three days. The rest is up to you.


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