Adolf Hitler -Spike Milligan

IMG_1453Britain has entered total war with the Nazi horde and, for a jobbing jazz musician, life will never be the same as he prepares to do his role in the downfall of that troublemaker, Mr. Hitler. However, the road to war is rather bendy with many potholes as Spike Milligan learns to adapt and enjoy army life.

Though recovering from an injury and initially¬†deferred from enlistment, Adolf Hitler, my Part in His Downfall, is the first installment of the iconic comedian’s wartime memoirs shows us his time training as a lance bombardier in Royal Artillery. During his training, Milligan spends his time learning to fire outdated guns, playing jazz, chasing after girls and having a good time.

Narrated. Recounted by the man himself, you view the war through the mind of one of the greatest comic geniuses Britain has ever produced.

Whether you’re familiar with Milligan’s previous work or hearing him for the first time, straightaway, you know are very familiar with the type of person Spike Milligan is. The eternal entertainer, he brings his energy and personality¬†into his performance. Throwing his voice, impersonating characters, and bellowing laughter, this audiobook catches the same energy that made the nation fall over giggling.

It can be quite difficult to tell the difference between jokes and actual events. This is quite clear as Milligan describes how his father barricading the streets when war was declared, only to have complaints from the local tram drivers.

Amongst the laughs and gags, it is impossible to escape the war. It is in these moments, the laughter stops and Milligan reflects on what it meant to be alive. It is in these solemn moments,

You do not have to be the world’s biggest Spike Milligan fan to enjoy Adolf Hitler (the audiobook). It is utterly hilarious as you would expect it to be. It also captures a very different Britain, a Britain on the edge and where laughter is valued more than ever.


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